3 Vital Factors When Purchasing a Machine Vision Device

If you need to purchase a machine vision device, you will want to ensure that you purchase one that allows you to complete your project. When it comes to completing your project, you will want to consider some specific features.

Factor #1: Software Compatibility

With a machine vision device, you will want to find a device that is compatible with software that you already use. Therefore, when looking at machine vision devices, you will want to figure out what type of software program it comes with and if it is compatible with other vision software programs. In addition, you want software that will allow you to modify the information and settings for each manner in which you intend to use the machine for your project.

Factor #2: Lighting Options

With a machine vision device, it is important to get both the type of light, the color of the light, and the illumination technique to be the right fit for your project. You want a machine where you can adjust these parameters.

For example, with the light itself, you can use an LED light or a halogen light. A device that supports both is optimal. Then, there is the color of the light. You may need blue light for one project and white light for another project, or you may need an infrared light for your project. As for the illumination technique, you may want a ring light, spotlight, bright field light, coaxial light, or a dark field light. You want a device that will allow you to adjust these features to fit the project you are working on. Or you want to purchase a machine vision light with the exact parameters you need for the project to be successful. 

Factor #3: Backup Image System

Third, you will want to ensure you chose a system that comes with its own backup image system. That will allow you to get more usage out of the system. In addition, this will allow the system to work, even if the software that it is designed to work with gets upgraded or the computer system that it works on gets upgraded. A system with its own backup image system will be useful for a longer period of time than one without its own integrated backup system for images. 

When it comes to purchasing a machine vision device, you want one that will work with the software you like to use. In addition, you want one where you can customize the type of light, the color of light, and the illumination technique, so you can get the exact results that you desire. You will also want to look for a backup image system device, as this will allow you to pull useful information off the machine and not be hampered by incompatible software updates in the future. 

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