Working With A Network Cabling Service To Expand Or Upgrade You Network

If your business has an internal network that you depend on to make information accessible to multiple workstations, you know that slow transfers or outages can be disrupting. Working with a network cabling service to upgrade or maintain the network lines in your offices or building can help resolve issues and keep the information flowing.

Adding Additional Connections

Sometimes, an office setup for a small company will not have the connections or outlets to add additional workstations to the network. Even if you can add workstations, you may find that the connection is slow when you add more computers that need to transfer information over limited lines. 

The solution is to have a network cabling company add additional lines from those workstations to the network server or switches. If the cabling that is in the office is old, you may need to replace it and have new lines run that are faster and can handle more traffic on the network.

The cost of recabling an entire office is sometimes daunting. Still, slow speeds can cost the company money through a loss in efficiency over time, so updating the system often will pay for itself eventually.  

Hiring a Cabling Company

When you are ready to update the network connections, you will need to hire a cabling service to bring in a crew and run all the new lines for you quickly. Often a team that can do the work over a weekend or during the hours you are not open is preferred, but sometimes the team can do the job without taking down your existing connections until all the new lines are run.

The technicians can run the lines to the server room and back to the workstation locations without plugging anything in, and then when you are ready, they can connect everything at once so the entire office moves to the new network at once. 

Switches, Routers, and Other Hardware

When you are considering adding new, faster lines to your network, you may also need to update the hardware in the network to ensure it can provide the speed you need. You should assess any routers in the system or switches in your server room to determine if they are up to the task of supporting the new lines. 

If the hardware is too old or slow to work properly, the networking company can upgrade it for you. Still, if you have a provider that provided the initial hardware, you may want to check with them about upgrading anything that needs it.