4 Ways Mobile Gaming Payment Software Can Help You Make Money

The mobile gaming industry makes up about half of all global gaming revenue, so there has never been a better time to launch a new mobile game. Making money from your new mobile game app is as easy as investing in a mobile game payment software solution. Here are just a few of the ways that you can use mobile gaming payment software to earn a profit after your upcoming game app launches on the market:

VIP Memberships

One great way to make money with your upcoming game app is to offer players the opportunity to purchase VIP memberships. People enjoy purchasing VIP memberships for the games they play because it makes them feel special and provides them with the perks they need to achieve their in-game goals and enhance their overall gaming experience. The memberships should offer exclusive rewards that non-paying players don't have access to such as:

  • Extra daily log-in rewards.

  • Early access to new content.

  • The opportunity to lead in-game teams, clubs, or guilds.

  • Discounts on items purchased with in-game coins or other rewards.

In exchange for the benefits they get, players can purchase their VIP memberships on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on the pricing model you decide to use. You can even offer a discount to players who are willing to purchase their VIP memberships on a yearly basis to help increase your player retention rates as time goes on.

One-Time Offers

Another easy way to ensure that your upcoming game app makes you a profit as time goes on is to provide your players with one-time offers based on their playing history and habits. If a player tends to use a certain kind of power-up a lot when they play, you could provide them with a one-time offer for a set of those power-ups for a lower price than what the items are normally sold for through the app.

With the help of an algorithm and analytical program, you can customize one-time offers for players that are designed for their specific needs and wants. And because one-time offers tend to generate the feeling of urgency within players, your offers should make them more likely want to take advantage of those offers as they become available.

Earned Discount Offers

You can help make your players feel appreciated by providing them with earned discount offers as they progress through your game. For example, you can offer discounts for VIP memberships or daily bonus packs after players reach a certain level within the game.

Or you can provide discount offers for additional power-up packs after a player purchases a specific number of them at retail price from your in-game app. While you will probably lose a little money on each discounted item you sell to players, the increase in sales that you experience should help improve your overall profit margins as time goes on.

Special Loyalty Perks

Another effective way to make some money with your gaming app is to offer your players special loyalty perks as time goes on. When a player logs into your game every day without fail for a week or two, why not thank them by offering a perk that can't be purchased or earned otherwise within the game?

Whether it's a special type of power-up or spell, an advantage in an upcoming tournament, or the ability to use more in-game resources than usual for a certain amount of time, your players are sure to appreciate the opportunity to purchase the perks at a low price in exchange for their loyalty to your game.

These are just a few of the awesome ways to make money with the help of mobile gaming payment software. Contact your software provider to learn more about how their services can benefit your new gaming app.