How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wi-Fi

Having your Wi-Fi in good working order is becoming a mandatory part of small business operations. Without your Wi-Fi functioning well, your wireless equipment may malfunction more or have difficulty connecting. Thankfully, there a few simple tips you can try to make sure your Wi-Fi is running as strongly as it should be.

Conduct A Speed Test

If your equipment is feeling sluggish, and you feel it should be faster, you should conduct a speed test. There are many speed tests available online to see if your equipment is getting the download and upload speeds it should be. When conducting your speed test, you'll want to do it from a device that's Wi-Fi only and not hardwired to the internet. This is so you can get an accurate reflection of your Wi-Fi speeds. Once you complete the test, the test will provide you with the download and upload speeds and you can compare them to those offered by your internet service provider.

Let's say your equipment isn't getting the speeds you expected, there can be a few reasons for this to happen. First, your equipment may simply not be capable of handling the number of devices using Wi-Fi. This often leads to a lower pool of available bandwidth than you expect. You may also have an equipment failure, which requires reaching out to your internet service provider.

Know What Your Equipment Is Capable Of

When dealing with any sort of internet equipment, everything is capable of a certain speed. When it comes down to wireless routers, their capabilities can be identified as either a G, N, or AC router. G type routers provide the least amount of bandwidth, N the middle amount, and AC routers the most bandwidth.

As a small business, you will want at least an N or an AC capable router. Preferably you will want the AC, as it allows for the most bandwidth to be available for your devices.  If there are too many devices attached to your wireless network for the bandwidth available, you'll experience frequent disconnects and slow speeds. You can avoid this by using an AC capable router, to ensure the most bandwidth possible is available to your network.

Look Into IT Management Services

When you're running a small business, it can be hard to wear all of the hats necessary to make your business successful. Looking into IT managed services will help to ensure your technology experiences minimal downtime, allowing you to spend more time on your business and less time on the phone.