The Benefits Of Using Biological Fogging To Sterilize Sensitive Electronics

Electronic equipment used to process and produce goods need to be cleaned regularly. The problem is, most industrial electronic equipment is extremely sensitive and cannot be doused in liquid sanitizers. Biological fogging, or the use of dry biological agents such as microbes and anaerobes, to decontaminate and clean this sensitive equipment. Here are just a few of the benefits of using biological fogging for this specific purpose.

No Wet Residues or Toxins

There is no wet residue with biological fogging. It sprays as a fog, and is instantly dry as it lands. The biological components of the fog immediately go to work to destroy anything that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Touching these electronics with your fingers yields no wet mess to wipe up afterward, nor any toxic chemicals that employees could accidentally breathe in.

Decontamination Is Rapid

As soon as the fog hits the surfaces, they are decontaminated. It is still a good idea to not touch these surfaces for a short time after the surfaces have been fogged. After that, everything is as safe as a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Sensitive Machines Feel No Vibrations

There are some very sensitive electronics and machines in your plant. These cannot be jiggled, jostled, or even wiped with a hand. This makes it very difficult to clean and sanitize them without using bio fog. With the bio fog, the machines/electronics experience absolutely no vibrations or sensation of movement. This leaves the machines/electronics just as they are, and you never need to recalibrate them because of it.

Bio Fog Machines Are Extremely Portable

A bio fog machine does not look like much, but it does a lot. These units are extremely portable, allowing your maintenance crews to pick them up and move them about to clean and sanitize several hard-to-reach areas where other decontamination and sanitizing machines would not be able to go. Put the recommended amount of bio fog substance in the holding tank of the machine, turn it on, and then let it go. The biological fog does the rest.

The Bio Fog Will Not Harm the Environment

Perhaps the best benefit of all, the biological fog will not harm the environment. It can safely escape your building and not pollute or destroy anything surrounding your building. It quickly dissipates on the wind as well, making it an optimal solution for your specific needs.

For more information about bio fogging, speak to a representative from companies like BioSecurity Technology.