7 Must-Have Features For Your Small Business Phone System

While running a small business, communications is of the utmost importance. Phone systems that utilize technology can speed up productivity at home or in the office. If you re looking for a brand new phone system for your small business or you need to upgrade your existing system, here are very useful features you should not pass by:

1. Call Forwarding to Other Devices

How many times have you missed an important telephone call from a colleague or client because you were away from your business phone? With a phone call forwarding feature you won't need to be concerned about this problem anymore, nor will you have to sit by your office phone waiting for a call.

So what does this feature actually do? When activated, the phone call forwarding feature will ring any designated device you select. You may have it set for incoming calls to ring several devices at once, such as your office phone, your home phone, your cell phone or any other extension. If none of the devices answer the call, voicemail will be activated on every enabled device.

2. Phone Conferencing System

Even a small business may utilize a phone conferencing system from time to time. This feature will allow you to conduct a conference over the phone with multiple individuals. Although a small business may only need conferencing capabilities for 2-3 lines, you may have the option of choosing a phone system that utilizes anywhere from 5-10 lines. It's something to consider.

3. Expansion Options

Speaking of available lines, the phone expansions are not only useful for conferencing. As your business grows, you may have to expand your equipment to meet the needs of several clients at once. Consider how many lines you currently need and use in your network, then allow for an expansion of several more. Also, look for the option to plug the expansion lines into your existing network or into a computer network.

4. Automated Attendant Feature

Basically, this feature allows you to set an automated option select for callers to utilize when there is no live person available to answer a call. The automated attendant will offer prompts the caller may input. These prompts may allow the caller to use touch tone options for various selections, such as reaching customer service, accessing account information or hearing a recorded message detailing driving directions or business hours.

5. Voicemail With Extended Message Capability

While most phone systems with voicemail offer the option of leaving a 30 second voice message, that time limit may not always be optimal. Instead, look for a business phone system that allows the caller to leave a longer message.

6. Hold Music for Placing Callers on Hold

Playing hold music lets the caller know they are still connected while being placed on hold. If there is nothing but silence while a caller is on hold, the individual is more likely to simply hang up. Some systems allow you to choose from various music selections for hold options. In addition, this option may also incorporate a message intermittently, such as "Thank you for holding."

7. Cloud Storage for Your Business Phone System

The Cloud based phone system can help you stay organized and manage your phone calls in a simplified manner. Basically, this feature uses a special software program that allows you to stay connected via the Internet. You may also have the ability to chat with others over your high speed Internet connection, use the option for online "meetings" and organize your schedules. Various plans may be tailored to your needs and integrated into the Cloud plan, such as toll-free minutes and unlimited calling. You will incur a monthly fee, as this is an additional service.