3 Reasons To Use A Piezo Scanner To Meet Your Laser Scanning Needs

Laser technology plays a critical role in many intricate and highly-sensitive fields. The ability to create a laser beam that can operate using smooth and fast movements is critical to sectors within the aeronautics, biomedical, and machining industries. Industrial scanners are often used to help facilitate laser scanning. Investing in a piezo scanner could be a simple and effective way to improve your company's laser scanning activities.

Here are three reasons why a piezo scanner is a must-have when it comes to meeting your laser scanning needs.

1. Piezo scanners are extremely responsive.

When it comes to performing vital laser scanning tasks, you need access to a concentrated laser beam that is highly responsive. A piezo scanner comes equipped with multiple motion axes.

These multiple motion axes help to create a laser motion that is fast, accurate, and extremely responsive to the operator's movements. If precision is required in your laser scanning applications, then a piezo scanner can help you improve your laser's accuracy by providing an extremely responsive tool to add to your company's arsenal.

2. Piezo scanners are compact.

Space is often at a premium when it comes to commercial ventures, so you want your laser scanning equipment to have the smallest footprint possible. Investing in a piezo scanner to meet your company's laser scanning needs gives you access to a compact device that will provide results.

The compact design of a piezo scanner can be attributed to the multiple motion axes design. By incorporating multiple motion axes into a single device, a piezo scanner can perform all the tasks required to meet your laser scanning needs without the bulky hardware associated with other types of scanners.

3. Piezo scanners provide a controlled and focused laser beam.

For tasks that utilize laser scanning microscopy, having access to a controlled and focused laser beam that can activate the fluorescence within a given sample is vital. Piezo scanners are equipped with multiple orthogonal axes that pivot around a single pivot point.

This helps to reduce friction during operation, allowing the piezo scanner to produce the higher acceleration required to help generate a controlled and focused laser beam capable of meeting your laser scanning microscopy needs.

When you need to improve the quality and performance of your company's laser scanning activities, investing in a piezo scanner can be a viable solution. Take advantage of the responsiveness, compact size, and increased performance piezo scanners have to offer.