3 Solutions To Help Small Businesses That Are Too Big For Small Infrastructures But Too Small For In-House IT Departments

Your business is growing and you are taking the plunge to setup in-house servers and IT hardware. Have you considered the extra costs for maintaining all that equipment to keep your business running smoothly? An in-house IT department is something that all the bigger mid-sized companies have, but it just is not affordable for a small business. Outsourcing and hybrid IT infrastructures help small businesses continue to grow with affordable solutions for modern technology. Here are some of the solutions that will give your business big IT without the huge costs:

1. Hybrid Servers and Services to Cut Costs of Physical Hardware

The major infrastructure cost for your business is the installation and maintenance of physical servers and computer equipment. Today, cloud computing as evolved to include many different solutions for IT problems, such as hybrid server solutions. With a hybrid infrastructure design, essential services can still be hosted on equipment installed in your business but non-essential services and data will be hosted in the cloud.

2. SaaS Solutions That Help Cut Costs for Software That Runs Your Business

The software that runs your business is another IT cost that you will have to account for. Imagine paying for hundreds of usage licenses for the same software on workstation PCs that may hardly see use; SaaS models solve this problem by providing software as a service, rather than selling you individual licenses. In addition, Software-as-a-Service also gives you a scalable model that you will be able to expand as your business grows or reduce as you restructure your business according to industry changes. The software services are billed according to usage such as, how many workstation or the amount of bandwidth used.

3. Managed IT Services for a Low-cost Small Business Solution to Big IT Problems

Managing your IT infrastructure and technologies requires professional knowledge. An in-house IT department is too costly, so the solution is to outsource these jobs to experienced IT management services. The outsourced model also gives you some of these advantages for your IT infrastructure maintenance:

  • Experienced professionals
  • Tech support when you need it
  • Latest IT solutions for businesses

With the costs of maintenance for modern IT infrastructures, many business owners mistakenly believe that they cannot afford technology improvements. With outsourced maintenance and hybrid solutions, any size business can afford the latest technology to improve operations. Contact a managed IT services provider to get the help you need with the IT infrastructure of your business.