Three Reasons Your Business Should By Ipv4 Addresses

IPv4, also known as Internet Protocol version 4, is an inter-networking method used to route internet traffic. In order to connect a device to the internet, an internet protocol like IPv4 is required. Though the supply of original IPv4 addresses has run out (an event known as the IPv4 runout), IPv4 addresses are still available for purchase on the secondary market. When purchasing IPv4, you cannot purchase a single address. Instead, it is necessary to purchase a block of addresses. Check out some of the reasons that it makes sense for a business to purchase IPv4 addresses

1. The Demand for IPv4 Addresses Will Continue to Grow

It is expected that the demand for internet access will continue to grow. There are still many parts of the world where reliable internet access is a luxury rather than an expected part of a nation's infrastructure. The world wide growth of internet usage will make IPv4 addresses a desirable commodity.

As the demand for IPv4 addresses grows, the cost for a block of IPv4 addresses will continue to increase. Businesses who are considered about the future affordability of IPv4 addresses should make their purchases now to lock in relatively reasonable rates. If you have a block of IPv4 addresses that you do not use, you can sell them on the secondary market. Pay attention to the current ipv4 market price for more information. 

2. IPv4 Addresses are Here to Stay

Though there is an upgrade to IPv4 known as IPv6, there two internet protocols are expected to coexist for years to come. IPv6 addresses were created to help alleviate the shortage caused by the IPv4 runout. However, for a business to fully implement IPv6 addresses, this will require extensive changes to its network. Many businesses are not currently equipped to completely make the switch to the IPv6 protocol.

Due to these logistical issues. demand for IPv4 addresses will continue to grow. The IPv4 protocol is still the most commonly used internet protocol.

3. You Ensure That Your Business Has Reliable Access to the Internet

If you want to guarantee that your business's devices can readily connect to the internet, it is a smart decision to buy a block of IPv4 addresses. Smart phones, laptops, tablets, and other internet-ready electronics need an IPv4 address to utilize the internet.

You may think that if IPv4 addresses are no longer available, you can just accelerate your switch to IPv6 addresses. However, exclusively using IPv6 addresses is not a process that your business can complete in a short period of time. Expect to use both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for a few years as you make the transition.